New Delhi: The continuous process of researches and discoveries in the field of science and technology has brought about a major transformation in the world. Proving the point, the day is not too far when the teachers would not have to burden themselves with checking of general exam answer sheets.

Soon there would be a technology which would facilitate the computer to answer the subjective questions along with objective ones. International Institute of Information Technology (Hyderabad) has already initiated works in this direction, and has met success in the experiments in the English Language. 

However, the authenticity of the answers to the questions has been only 96 percent. Significantly, efforts are being made by the Natural Language Processing where the computer would be potential enough to understand the human language. This would also examine the subjective answers given by the computer.

The experimentation would be done methodically. First models of different questions bearing different answers will be feed in the computer and then the computer would answer to the questions accordingly. Rather than understanding word by word, the computer would understand the expression and then answer the questions.

According to the sources of Human Resource Development Ministry, even if the new initiative would take some time to catch the pace, but it is for sure that the coming time will witness everything digitally.

(JPN/ Bureau)