A recent study published in the journal Sleep Medicine, showed that teenagers who are frequently deprived of sleep might have high risk of anxiety and depression .

“In most countries about 11 percent of teens aged between 13-16 years experience some degree of  insomnia at some stage,” researcher Pasquale Alvaro, a PhD student from the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide in Australia, said.

Further the study revealed that there is growing awareness among the scientific community that insomnia, depression and anxiety disorders are linked with each other.

“These disorders contain overlapping neurobiological, psychological, and social risk factors,” the study said.

“Sleep disorder can lead to problems of alcohol and drug misuse during adolescence,” Alvaro added.

A survey was conducted on more than 300 Australian high school students between the age of 12-18.

During the survey their sleeping habits, mental health condition and the time of day they were most active was observed.

Alvaro found that the presence of insomnia was independently linked with depression, generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder among teenagers.

The study further said, such disorders could lead teens towards drug abuse and alcohol-related problems.

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