Washington: According to a study ''Young Lives and Times'', adolescents want their mums to be someone who cares for them and understand their feelings.

Meg, 16 feels that a good mum should be: "someone who's there for you, someone you can talk to about most things, but, like, at the same time respects your privacy, is honest and just helps you with whatever you need".

As well as carrying out motherly duties teens felt it was important for mums to be able to have fun with them.

Jessica (15) believes that a good mum should ''always be up for a laugh''.  Even though teens expect mums to look after them and be there for them, they also value and look up to their mums as an important and influential person in their lives.
Carmen Lau Clayton, research fellow for the project, believes that many of the teens interviewed have similar views on what a good mother should be.

"Many of the teens cited similar qualities of what a ''good mother'' should be despite their varied backgrounds and circumstances".

"It is also very clear that mothers play a significant role in young people's lives and in helping them to make important decisions for the future," she said.

Courtesy: Mid-day.com