"I strongly reject the allegations in the media that I am involved in any manner with any slander, intimidation or character assassination of the complainant journalist. This is a malicious campaign that has no basis in truth," Chaudhury said.

The Tehelka journalist, who had accused Tejpal of sexually assaulting her, had in her resignation letter accused him and Chaudhury of a "cover-up" and resorting to "tactics of intimidation, character assassination and slander".

Goa Police question Shoma Chaudhary
"At a time when I find myself victim to such a crime, I am shattered to find the Editor-in-Chief of Tehelka, and you - in your capacity as Managing Editor - resorting to precisely these tactics of intimidation, character assassination and slander," the journalist had said.

Tehelka case: Victim deposes before magistrate
"Given the sequence of events since November 7, it is not just Mr Tejpal who has failed me as an employer - but Tehelka that has failed women, employees, journalists and feminists collectively. Please consider my resignation effective immediately," she had said.
The woman had said she was deeply traumatized by the lack of support offered by the organization and "in such circumstances it is untenable for me to continue to work for this organization."
On Tuesday, the victim's mother had filed a complaint with the Delhi police against an immediate family member of the Tehelka Editor alleging ‘intimidation’ over the case.
Delhi police sources said the mother had come to Pandav Nagar police station in east Delhi and filed a complaint against the member of Tejpal's family.
On Saturday, the victim had issued a statement saying she and her family were being subjected to pressure and intimidation at an ‘intensely traumatic’ time to ‘protect’ Tejpal.
Police said that they have forwarded the complaint to its legal department to decide how it should be handled.


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