The TTP spokesman, Shahidullah Shahid, cautiously welcomed the APC resolution and said Taliban would be willing to enter into "meaningful dialogue" after the government announced its policy on how to proceed.

"We welcome the unanimous resolution passed by the APC and will be positive in our response. We consider it is a good omen," he said.

The All Party Conference, called by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, had strongly backed the government's plans to hold talks with all stakeholders to tackle the menace of terrorism that is plaguing the country.

"We.. repose full confidence in efforts of the Prime Minister in this behalf and call upon the Federal Government to initiate the dialogue with all stakeholders forthwith and for this purpose, authorize it to take all necessary steps as it may deem fit, including  development  of an appropriate mechanism and identification of interlocutors," a resolution passed by the APC said.

TTP Political Commission member, Ehsanullah Ehsan said, "Unanimous stance of all the stakeholders in APC Statement is a positive sign but the government will have to take more sincere steps." "The government will also have to convince the army and to decide a road-map for the talks," he said.

The Sharif government had made its intentions clear to hold talks with the Taliban and it received full support from other Pakistani political parties. Monday’s meeting was chaired by Sharif and was attended by members of all political parties.

The leaders were given a briefing by the powerful Army Chief Gen Ashfaz Parvez Kayani, who apprised them about the overall security situation in the country. ISI Chief Lt Gen Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam had also briefed the political leadership.


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