Minister for Excise and Prohibition T Padma Rao Goud announced that earlier government had hit hard on the toddy tappers community by banning its sale in the places five km away from the toddy trees where they were collected with a motive to promote cheap liquor syndicates and illicit distilling units and operators.

He said, "We promised toddy sales would be revived in Hyderabad to benefit tappers. We made announcements to this effect in districts in the recent past and we are going to keep our promise."

He further said that the state government had set a target to add revenues by collecting around Rs 10,700 crore from sale of liquor in 2014-15 as against Rs 9500 crore last year.

"We got Rs 103 crore additionally through license fee and government will manage the 106 shops for which there were no bidders in Hyderabad," the minister said.

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