On Board Air India One: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said there was no question of any government inaction on the Telangana issue and while a solution was not impossible there were no quick answers either.

"There is no inaction. Efforts are being made to find a solution that will bring about a broad based consensus among all the various stakeholders," the Prime Minister told journalists onboard his special aircraft.

"There are difficulties in arriving at quick decisions. There is a long history of the Telangana movement. It is not a new movement. It has been there since the mid-1950s," he said.

"Given the complications involved in settlement, it will take some time. That's why we have been engaged in widespread dialogue and discussions with all the stakeholders," he added.

"It is our hope that out of that will emerge a solution which is a win-win situation for all concerned," he said, while returning from Pretoria after attending the 5th India-Brazil-South Africa Summit.

There have been widespread protests over demands for a separate Telangana state to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh, with opinion also split both ways.

To a different question, the Prime Minister said the establishment of a states' reorganization commission has been under discussion for several years but that his government had not taken a view on the matter.