Beijing: A total of 129 people who were suspected of telecom swindling, stood for trial in China's Jiangsu province on Thursday, showcasing authorities' latest initiative to crack down on transnational fraud cases.

Claiming to be staff of Chinese courts, procuratorates, police or postal authorities, these people used to make telephone calls from overseas to domestic victims and cheat them of cash, a news agency reported.

According to the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court, the fraud ring is accused of cheating victims in 30 Chinese provinces or regions of 73 million yuan (about USD12 million). The suspects are accused of carrying out criminal behaviour from six countries including Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in addition to the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The fraud mainly happened between 2011 and 2012.

Telecom-based fraud is a growing type of crime in which suspects cheat people through the use of telecommunication channels. In recent years, Chinese police have busted several big transnational telecom fraud gangs.


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