Working relationship

First of all, let me clarify that my show is not coming to an end. As far as our on-screen chemistry is concerned, Ram (Kapoor) and I are both professionals as well as mature adults who are completely at ease while acting with each other. That comfort translates onto the screen. Off screen too, we hold immense respect for each other.

Viewers’ delight

I feel a certain connect with my audience when I am acting. That’s probably the best thing about acting on television. When I get wonderful responses from them, I feel like I am interacting with a huge family that loves and supports me. However, television can get mundane at times.

Bonding with boss

Ekta (producer Ekta Kapoor) is like family. We share a bond that’s hard to crack. We’ve been together during the best years of Indian television —- a decade that saw the creation of some of the most iconic characters who still stay in people’s minds. It’s been a long and fruitful association. This relationship is for keeps, is all I can say.

Empathy with roles

What’s important for me in a project is my character -- its depth and challenges. It’s fun playing characters that grow with the audience and become a part of their homes. These are women whose priorities are towards their families and they have endearing qualities that make them as the perfect bahu, bhabhi and mother.

A sea change

Indian television has come a long way. From family dramas to music based shows, reality TV and shows dealing with social causes, there’s a lot of variety. The fiction shows nowadays depict young modern women from different stratas of Indian society. The content has become a lot more relatable.

Family bonding

I was the youngest of three siblings. My elder brother and sister pampered me and stood up for many of my pranks. So, it was a lovely family bonding with its set of values, traditions and ghar ka khana that brought me happiness in my childhood and adolescent years in Rajasthan. I really feel that in a crisis, it’s a supportive and loving family that one wants to fall back on. My role model and inspiration is my mother. Her values have given me a sense of discipline in life and an ingrained sense of humility. I owe what I am today because of her. She is someone I hold in great esteem.

Time to unwind

I love travelling. There’s so much to see and explore in India. Recently, I went to the Northeast and it was absolutely breathtaking. I also love Europe for its picturesque surroundings. Cooking is another leisure activity. It’s simple ghar ka khana that I can cook though.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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