Here, we enlist 10 fastest trains throughout the globe:

Maglev train, Japan: Central Japan Railway started operation of a magnetic-levitation train whose speed is 603 kilometres per hour. Though the Maglev travelled only one mile at 603 kph, it cracked the records of China, France and Germany which have high speed rail networks.

LGV Est, France: In France, Lgv Est was tested in 2007. It ran at 574.8 kilometres per hour. Earlier, it would hold the record of being the fastest train in the world.

LGV Atlantique, France: Started in 1990, Lgv Atlantique operates from Paris to Western France with the speed of 515.3 kilometres per hour.

Beijing–Shanghai HSR, China (CRH380BL): Around 1,318-kilometre long Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway runs at 487.3 kilometres per hour and connects Bohai Economic Rim with Yangtze River Delta.

Beijing–Shanghai HSR (CRH380AL): South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (CSR) built the CRH380AL, which held the world record for the fastest train at 486.1 kilometres per hour.

LGV Atlantique, France: Started in 1990, the LGV Atlantique is also considered as a high-speed train running from Paris to Western France.

Tokaido Shinkansen, Japan: Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central) built Tokaido Shinkansen 1994. It has an operating speed of 300 kilometres per hour.

Joetsu Shinkansen , Japan: East Japan Railway Company (JR East) operates Joetsu Shinkansen with the speed of 425 kilometres per hour on  railway line connecting Tokyo and Niigata.

Shanghai–Hangzhou: Shanghai–Hangzhou was designed to run with the speed of 416.6 kilometres per hour on high-speed main line. It is considered to be one of the four Chinese train series.

LGV Sud-Est, France: With the capacity of 408.4 kilometres per hour, LGV Sud-Est was first high-speed rail line of France which connects Paris and Lyon's suburbs.

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