“We all have human emotions that rob our lives,” this quotation by Jennifer O'Neill fits best here. Many people feel that they are the most cursed person in the world but this is not true. Scores of people are living their life in the most painful way, let's see them:

A man holding a woman tightly in a hope to prevent her during a 8-storied building collapse in  Dhaka, Bangladesh. The collapse claimed thousands of lives.

Colombian girl named Omayra Sanchez, trapped in the debris of her house, died after 55-hours of painful struggle.

Survivor of a powerful earthquake in China when founded an album of his family from the debris..

This is the emotion which appears when an army person meets his baby girl for the first time.

This picture is termed as the 'most heart touching picture' of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.


A woman cries out loud to see her family lying on the beds of river after Tsunami.

A victim of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that crashed after being shot down in 2014 July. The accident killed all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

This photograph was taken during a famine camp in Uganda


This man used to sit with his wife on this bench. Now, she is no more and he still comes here.


Hundreds of kids were killed in an Israeli attack on a Gaza school.

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