The rally has been viewed as the kickstart of BJP's poll campaign in poll bound state. Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state sends 80 MPs to the Parliament hence it is strategically significant for the BJP which has been out of power in the state since 2002. Killing two birds with one stone, PM Modi not only exhorted BJP cadres to brace up for the assembly elections but also criticized previous and present governments.
Here, we brought 10 highlights of PM Modi’s speech:  

1.    I am a "UP wala" who cared for the farmers. The government had taken a series of measures to help clear the dues of sugarcane farmers.

2.    Are governments installed to loot? I am here to end that culture. I want to ask you, have you heard of any news about our government looting even a rupee?

3.    You will see one decision after the other was taken to empower the poor to fight poverty, to strengthen the poor against poverty.

4.    No poor man wants to bequeath poverty to his children. I have always tried to work for the common man.

5.    A mood of hope pervaded the country replacing hopelessness that prevailed under the UPA rule.


6.    My government is dedicated to the poor and farmers which prevented the "loot" of public money.

7.    India is growing at the fastest rate whereas only two years ago many thought the country had "sunk".


8.    My government is honest and transparent.

9.    Look at the newspapers and TV channels two years ago. Corruption in high places was the norm.

10.    I am now in the government and I am shocked how past governments have looted
the country.

Written by Raju Kumar/JPN

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