As a four year old child, Alonso participated in karting competitions around Spain and won many. Here are few interesting facts about the racer...

1. Alonso started in karting from the age of 3. He won three consecutive karting championships in Spain from 1994 to 1997, and he became world karting champion in 1996.

2. He made his Formula One debut in the 2001 season with Minardi, and then moved to the Renault team as a test driver the next year. Later in 2003 Alonso became one of the main drivers of the team.

3. Fernando Alonso is the man who ended Michael Schumacher’s Formula One reign, and became the then-youngest champion in F1 history.

4. He won the Formula One World Drivers' Championship title at the age of 24 years and 58 days, to become the youngest Formula One World Drivers' Champion. He retained the title the in 2006 to became the youngest double Champion at the time.

5. Is the third youngest driver in Formula One history to start a Grand Prix (Australian GP 2001). Is the second youngest driver to win a Grand Prix (Hungarian GP 2003), and take a Pole Position (Malaysian GP 2003).

6. He rejected an offer from Toyota to run an F1 car in 1996.

7. He rejected an offer to play as goalkeeper for Vigo's Celta soccer team.  

8. He got his racing pilot license by the "Federación Española de Automovilismo" being 4 years old.

9. A family in Catalunya paid for his career, including the cost of entering F1, when Alonso's own family declared they couldn't afford the expenses any more.

10. His helmet has the colors of the spanish and asturian flag. The yellow cross portrayed on the asturian flag and the helmet, with the letters alpha and omega, is called the "Victory cross".

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