Here are 10 such things you may not know your iPhone can do.

1. You can respond to text messages directly from your lock screen by pulling down on the notification drawer and swiping over to the left on the text notification. You'll see a "Reply" option, and tapping it will let you type a response without having to unlock your iPhone.

2. If you're in an app, you can swipe down from the top and access the notification drawer to answer a text.

3. See which apps drain the most battery: Go to Settings >General >Usage>Battery Usage. This will tell you which apps are occupying the most battery power.

4. There's an easy way to view every photo and video you've sent someone. Just open the messaging thread in the "Messages" app and press the "Details" button in the upper right corner.

5. You can send audio snippets and video messages that expire after two minutes.

6. Share your current location with a friend via text message. Just tap the "Details" button in the upper right corner of your message thread and select "Send My Location."

7. If you want your friends or a family member to be able to track you as you move, you can complete the same steps mentioned in the previous slide and choose the "Share My Location".

8. You can mute text message notifications for individual contacts and conversations. Just head over to your messaging thread and switch the "Do Not Disturb."

9. Control your iPhone by simply moving your head: Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and then scroll down to the Interaction subhead and tap "Switch Control." Tap "Switches" and "Add New Switch." Select "Camera" and choose "Left Head Movement" or "Right Head Movement."

10. See everywhere you've been: Press the Settings icon and head to Privacy>Location Services>System Services. Then, scroll to the bottom and select "Frequent Locations" and look at the History section.