How is the idea of taking your close ones to some of the unusual and amazing places for a dinner or lunch? From dining out in air to a dining all wet...have a look at the most unusual restaurants in the world.

Air Restaurant – This 'dine in air' restaurant in US is for those who like to fly. How amazing it would be eat so high in fresh air.

Aquarium Restaurant – Fishes are not as a dish but in the surrounding. Sounds impressive, right? This 'aquarium restaurant' is the best for spectacular underwater dining adventurers.

Waterfall Restaurant – This first-of-a-kind restaurant is a must go for water lovers. Have fun with water, family and relish food at the same time.

Greenpark Restaurant – Nowadays, it is not easy to get greenery around you. So, the developers of this restaurant prepared green cubicles to make you feel sitting nature's bed while eating.  

Trees Restaurant - Another form of eating high in the sky is also in the nature's bed. This nested tree restaurant is best suited for environmental enthusiasts.

Swing Restaurant – Swinging is already fun. How is about extra pleasure by adding your favorite food items to it? Sounds exciting! You can find this kind of restaurant in many parts of the world.

Tree Trunk Restaurant
– Dining in between trees' trunk could be way amazing with your close ones. A small room built between a heavy trunk is another unusual restaurants in the globe.

Washroom Restaurant – Some find it tacky while others enjoy it. Sit in a commode-shaped chair and get served in same shaped containers, this restaurant is one of its kind.

Robot Restaurant
– You must have sought of having a robot by your side in your childhood. How about automaton bringing the food you ordered? So, this restaurant fulfills your childhood's dream.

Wheelchair Restaurant – Life has everything when you need it. Even a restaurant for physically impaired. Everyone can visit this restaurant.

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