Himanshu Dubey

When you are writing about ‘God’, you become extra cautious. One has so much to say and write about him that often leads to a clash of thoughts and makes one’s lexicon seem agonizingly archaic.

India is crazy about cricket and cricket stars but all love, passion and approbation emanates from the commitment of the icons of the game that set a benchmark for future generations to follow and India is a proud country of the biggest icon the game of cricket has ever churned out.
One man, who holds together this multi-cultural nation together, is none but the living legend Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- a God in his own right. First man on planet earth to score a double ton, Tendulkar’s hundred-meter reads now 98. Just two adrift of what will be a ‘ton-of-tons’, a record that will take some doing before it is bettered. At the of 37, he went on set another record for himself and became the only to have struck 5 hundreds in the world Cup. His fitness shrugs off any acid test and his intent only stems stronger with the exuberance of youth around him in the dressing room.

It is going to be difficult to be Sachin Tendulkar and God knew it, therefore God decided to do the honours themselves and we are fortunate that we are born in the same country as God and breath the same air as him.

Watching Tendulkar bat intensifies this nation’s love for cricket; his humility off-the-field inspires every cricket lover to emulate him and his unmatchable dedication, honesty to the game makes others look so imperfect.

Tendulkar, with a glittering career that spreads over two decades, has carried on his shoulders, the burden of massive expectations with remarkable ease, never being tetchy about it ever. When you are expected to kick out the best in you, day after day, years after years, one’s passion and enthusiasm might go for a toss.

But Sachin is Sachin, his commitment towards the game is intact, the passion is still like that of a new-comer and his hunger to give billions of fans some special moments to relish, has only escalated.

When he walked in to bat on Sunday, former England skipper Nasser Hussein, who was air, described him as the “Great Sachin Tendulkar” and with his majestic batting today, he showed why is he regarded with such veneration and admired by all around the world.

Tendulkar is not the star, but a SUN of cricket and I pray, on behalf on every Indian, that the Sun Tendulkar never sets.