"The numbers, what I saw, was 700 people last year died because they fell out of the train, which is really unfortunate, and 1,600 people lost their lives while crossing tracks,” the 42-year-old cricketing great said here at the launch.
"I feel in today's world every minute matters, there is competition everywhere," he added.
"I feel a lot of time (the thinking is), if we cross railway tracks, then we will reach quicker, there will be benefit of five minutes instead of crossing the bridge while going to the other platform. These are small things - one, you are breaking the law, and you are risking life for five minutes,” the former Cricketer said
"Your family and friends are waiting for you back home and if you reach there five minutes later it really does not matter. It is important to be there, safe and sound, rather than be in hospital," he cited.

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