"The leaders of the Akali Dal have levelled allegations of corruption against a BJP Minister in Amritsar. On the other hand, the BJP leaders have reacted by charging them with controlling the drug and sand mafia...the situation is heading towards a point of no return. The people should not be allowed to suffer in the process," he said in a statement here.
The PPP chief pointed out that the allegations and counter allegations had been going on between the two alliance partners ever since the Haryana Assembly elections and even Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal also seemed to have realized the gravity of the situation.
He said now there was a paradigm shift in the situation with the BJP in full control at the Centre and expanding its wings in the states.
Badal had failed in his assessment of the situation in Haryana and that was perhaps the reason of the Akali Dal ditching its traditional alliance partner in that state in favour of the Indian national Lok Dal, the gamble that failed.     

It was the BJP which had earlier been playing second fiddle in Punjab that was now in commanding position and dictating terms.
He urged Chief Minister Badal to clear the air as it was his party which was now levelling allegations of corruption against the minister from the alliance partner and the situation was thus paradoxical.
It was the right time for the political parties in the state to appear for the electoral test to end this stalemate, he said.

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