Inaugurating a rooftop solar plant here for Khunti court and district collectorate, which is the first in any court in India, he said, "Gandhiji was a big supporter of environment protection. That is why I decided to come here. In a way, I have snatched this opportunity (to inaugurate). I decided to come here because 2nd October is my inspiration. Mahatma Gandhi is my inspiration."
Ahead of a crucial climate change summit in Paris later this year, PM Modi also said that India is not to be blamed for the 'sin' of environment degradation, but even so will contribute towards containing it.

"I want to tell the world on behalf of 125 crore Indians that we have no role in this sin which has precipitated the environment crisis. Our heritage, culture, ancestors never permitted the exploitation of nature and natural resources. But irrespective of whoever committed this sin and made this mistake, India will make its contribution for the welfare of the humanity," he said.

Referring to the 180KW Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic system, PM Modi said that if Gujarat or Rajasthan think of solar energy, people will say that it is understandable as they have no coal, but when Jharkhand, which is a rich in coal, does so, it is noticed and the world gets a message from it.

"This is the best tribute to Gandhiji. Bapu fought his entire life to get justice for the poor. On his birth anniversary, a court is being connected with solar energy. This is a very good initiative," he said.

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