When asked what the key issues are that the BJP would act differently on from the ruling Congress, Jaitley said on the foreign policy front, "there will be one important change."

"That change will be that we would like as a responsible nation to resolve our issues with everybody including our neighbours through a dialogue process but at the same time dialogue which does not result in the elimination of the problems which are existing itself is very inadequate and so the environment of that dialogue has to be created," he said.

"An environment of terrorism and environment of tension on the Line of Control and an environment of dialogue cannot co-exist adequately in a country. We'd like some kind of response to that effect from our neighbours also that we spent our energy and resources on our development activity rather than on check-mating each other," Jaitley said in a speech in New York.

The talk on the upcoming 2014 general elections in India was attended by several ambassadors to the UN, including by the Pakistani envoy Masood Khan.


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