New Delhi: Sensing fears of terror attacks in the backdrop of assembly elections in Punjab, government has sounded a high alert in the state as a precautionary measure. The security agencies have also been directed to keep a strict vigil in the states sharing their borders with Pakistan following inputs that militants from across the border may strike in India.

Home Minister P Chidambaram said, “We have decided to spruce up security in the states sharing their borders with Pakistan after analyzing the terror threat on Friday morning.”

“Trained militants from across the border could be hatching a plot to attack and create hindrance in Punjab assembly polls. They have also identified some targets to carry out their nefarious plans,” he added.

The Punjab government has been informed about evil plans of the terror elements and directed to increase security in those areas, he said.

The Home Minister said that given the reports trickled in, the directive has been issued to tighten security in the bordering states, including Jammu and Kashmir.”

"What we gathered, we review every day... We alert the states which are on target list... Apart from the Jehadi groups, there is BKI (Babar Khalsa International) and some other Khalistan groups. We did bust a BKI module a few days ago. So, we have to remain in high alert in Punjab. We are working with the government of Punjab and we will continue to remain high alert," he said.

Asked whether there was revival of Khalistan movement in Punjab, the Home Minister replied in negative.

"There is no revival. These are remnant elements from old groups. Many of them have fled the country; while a few of them have taken refuge in foreign countries. These are remnant groups. There is no revival of Khalistan movement," he said.