Here is a list of five terror attacks during sports events:

Munich Olympics- 1972
Known as the 'Darkest Day in the history of Olympics', 1972 Munich games were marred by the political tension between bete noire Palestine and Israel. The Israeli national team was held captive inside a hotel by Palestine group called Black September. The siege continued for 16 hours and ended in a manslaughter where all the captives were gunned to death. As a result of this tragic incident, the games got suspended as a memorial service to the players who lost their lives.

Pakistan vs New Zealand Test match- 2002
The incident took place on May 8 when a suicide bomber blew himself upright outside the Sheraton Hotel in Pakistan where the guest team was staying. Fourteen people were killed in the incident, including Kiwis' physiotherapist. The scared and angered New Zealand team immediately left the country for security reasons.

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka- 2009
On March 3rd, Sri Lankan team touring Pakistan was attacked by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a militant group closely associated with al-Qaeda. Sri Lanka, which was filling-in for Indian team was promised presidential-style security, which proved to be a complete fail.

Champions League semi-final- 2002
Another big explosion took place on May 1, 2002 outside Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid where football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona were scheduled to clash. The attack is attributed to separatist group ETA and the reason behind the attack is said to be Barcelona's connection with the ruling party Batasuna whom ETA opposed.

Germany vs France friendly match- 2015
Most recent addition to the list is the friendly match between the football rivals, France and Germany. The bombing was part of the series of suicide attacks in Paris, one of which happened near the Stade de France stadium, forcing the German team to stay inside the stadium overnight.

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