‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ is what befits Pakistan. With the killing of al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden, if Pakistan finds itself in a spotlight of embarrassment, it cannot even complain, reason being, the country is reaping the harvest of its own seeds of terrorism. Pakistan is responsible for its own catastrophe. The world is unwilling to buy the fact that Pakistan had in reality no prior information about Osama’s hiding place near an Army camp in the country. This sounds highly unbelievable and may be, a cause it is facing a barrage of questions from all corners. The terror kingpin’s elimination from Pakistan has stripped the latter and exposed its hidden strategy. Therefore, any kind of statement published by Pakistan in response to the volley of questions, trying to pacify the world will fail to find a solid footing. In a way, it can be summed up that Pakistan has been caught red-handed. Pakistan’s attempt to save its image by taking the help of excuses, has made the world believe that it is neither concerned about booking a suitable place among the mainstream nations of the world nor worried about its international reputation. Though to an extent, its future depends on its own deeds, a lot hinges upon the attitude of the US administration towards its political approach. It is a good omen that after the exposure of the real face of Pakistan by the counter-insurgency war, the western countries alongwith the US Senators and defense experts are raising questions. But it is tough to comprehend if the Obama administration will gear up to introduce changes in its Pakistan policy. If the US administration still follows its hitherto policy of striking balance in South Asia, this will not only harm America but Pakistan and the rest of the world as well. 

America’s assistance to Pakistan cannot be ignored on the grounds that the former is fully aware of the aid being used as a tool against Indian interests. In fact, many a times, the US had extended a helping hand to Pakistan only to send across a message to India that it should conform to its policy. It is also a fact that the US never adopted any stringent attitude against the Pakistan designed terror structure which has become a threat to India. The way Pakistan has termed India’s demand to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to task as outdated shows that it is yet to come to terms with reality. The international community, especially the US, cannot ignore the fact that Pakistan was and is a safe haven for terrorists. It gave protection to Osama and still continues to shield his associates. Not only this, it has always given special protection to those terrorists who have proven to be the greatest threat to India. In such situations, it becomes mandatory that instead of embarking on improving relations with Pakistan, India should emphasise more on compelling its neighbour to come forward to uproot terrorist organisations like Laskhar and Jaish from its soil. If Pakistan fails to take this step forward, this may derail the attempt to improve relationship between the two nations any moment.