New Delhi: From last few decades the tentacles spread by the terrorists all across the world have started to become weak. Call it the effect of vigilance by security agencies, the rate of terrorist activities have sharply fallen down in last five years. Nearly 8o percent of the terrorist activities are reported from four nations-India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ironically, Pakistan is the only nation where terrorism remained predominant in five years.

As per the figures of terror attacks across the world provided by the National Security Guard (NSG) in 2007 there were 1559 incidents of bomb attacks. In 2011 the number decreased to 1055. Maximum bomb attack cases were reported in 2008 where number reached to 2030. Thereafter, the number began to slightly slump. In 2009 it was 1358 and in 2010 it was 1329.

On the other hand, the neighbouring country witnessed spike in terrorism. In 2007, the terrorist executed 236 bomb blasts which increased to 376 in 2011. While in India 557 terror blasts were carried out in 2007 and in 2011 it were reduced to 245 blasts.

Senior security officials say that the efforts made by the department to prevent the funding of terrorist group have started to become visible. “It has become a difficult job for the groups to accumulate funds. Besides, relation among security agencies all across the globe has also been improved. This has proved beneficial in prohibiting terrorist attacks,” said security official, who preferred anonymity.

Meanwhile the officials believe that people are gradually getting aware of the motive of terrorists behind the attacks. Owing to this, terrorist groups are getting least assistance from local masses.