The terror attack perpetrated by Taliban on Afghanistan Parliament and the embassies of the several countries in the capital city of Kabul reflects that future of the war ravaged nation is much darker than its present. The fresh incident of the attack basically tells us about the strength and audacity of the Taliban ultras. While carrying out the strikes at the important locations of Kabul and other parts of the country, the rebels also announced that it was the beginning of their future acts of devastation. It is not very clear as yet that how seriously their intimidation should be taken but the fresh incident has drown our attention to the reality that the threat of Taliban ultras still persists which can’t be overlooked.

The attack is more serious in the wake of recent bids of US to reach out to the terrorists to devise the ways of truce. Even Afghan President Hamid Karzai is also willing to strike a peace agreement with Taliban. Amid ongoing efforts for striking an agreement between the two sides- government and the terrorists, the coordinated attack at many places in the country sends a clear message that Taliban is set to strike a peace agreement on its own terms. Whatsoever be the fate of the future agreement, but one thing is sure that future of Afghanistan is really endangered as the armed forces of the US and its alliance partners are scheduled to leave the country by 2014. It is highly disappointing that despite deployment of 125000 NATO personnel, Karzai government has largely been unsuccessful in protecting Afghanistan capital Kabul. It seems the indication of the foreign troops that they are reluctant to stay in Afghanistan for indefinite period of time has made the terrorists even more audacious.

The present scenario in Afghanistan is a serious cause of concern not only for US and its allies but also for India. It is a matter of relief that Indian Embassy in Afghanistan remained unharmed, but it is a high time for the government of India to contemplate seriously about the benefits of the billions of Rupees being spent by it for the development of Afghanistan. The fact that even the Indian Embassy in Afghanistan has also been targeted by the Taliban terrorists on past two occasions cannot be overlooked. Overlooking the future prospects of Afghanistan and continuing to keep itself engaged in the development of that country. If Taliban succeeds to gain power in Afghanistan, it will be a dangerous development for India. It is not just Afghanistan, but the security scenario of the Pakistan should also be taken as a matter of serious concern by India. We can’t overlook the fact that prior to Kabul attack, over 400 inmates succeeded in fleeing from a jail located in North-West Pakistan after the jail was attacked by over 100 Taliban fighters. However, the Indian agency has advised the Indian nationals living in that country to be cautious, but it is not sufficient. New Delhi needs to show even more seriousness to ensure safety and security of Indians living in Afghanistan.