The national capital again jolted with a terror strike, as high-intensity blast rocked the premises of the Delhi High Court, which was already targeted three months back, killing at least 11 people and injured as many as 70. The incident exposed the major chink in the security armour. Taking stock of intensity of attack, it seems obvious that the perpetrators would not have any difficulty to select the place and timing for the explosion as the court premise is generally jam-packed on Wednesday. The bomb blasts busted the tall claims of impregnable security cover and spell out message that the terrorists are hardly scared of law enforcement agency. One should not be surprised with this audacity of terrorists because the country neither has required security blanket to give befitting reply to perpetrators, nor does have effective laws or the political will power to tackle terrorism. Now this claim looks ridiculous that India is capable enough to tackle terrorism. The image of the country has been affected badly where India being projected a feeble and frail country in the face of terror attacks, and it was corroborated by WikiLeaks too. And perhaps this may be the reason that the world community is not willing to help out India in this regard. The policy makers of the nation are involved in serving parochial political interests and indulged in vote bank politics, which has dented the credibility of the nation.

Although India is witnessing recurring problems of terror attacks, the internal security system is still in a pathetic state. The recent proof is the bomb blasts outside the Delhi High Court in broad daylight, which was already in terror crosshairs. This is sheer colossal slipshodness of police and intelligence agencies that despite knowing a low-intensity explosion three months back could herald major incident, the government took no step to boost the security cover. When the condition of security system of the national capital is in such a dismal condition, it would be futile to think that there could be any significant improvement in the security arrangement across the nation. Some time back when Mumbai witnessed serial blasts, tall claims were made regarding taking harshest stand against terrorists, but till date police and intelligence agencies could not find the culprits. In fact the police could not find the lead of the blast incidents happened after 2008 Mumbai blasts. Now it is clear that neither the formation of National Investigating Agency nor the implementations of other plans helped the country to take on terrorism. It is high time the government should take concrete step to bulldoze the sinister design of terrorism as there is indeed no effective measure to checkmate terror attacks in the country.