New Delhi: Terrorism has become a major concern for the Pakistani nationals irrespective of their ages, class or religion. Be it shopkeeper Bilal Ahmad or the youth Sitara Jabeen, a Pakistani student who was recently in Mumbai to promote cross-border dialogue, they equally have sympathy for terror attack victims.

Concerned over the plummeting image of their country on world arena, the Pakistani youths term terrorism as a major threat and foremost agenda for the country than the age-old Kashmir issue.

Prof RC Salim Hashmi, who teaches peace and conflict in Pakistan- based National Defence University, said, “Terror outfits like Taliban has become a burden for us. Both the government and the military want to deracinate them at the earliest.”

 “After the 9/11 attack, the Pakistani administration has toughened its stand on terror outfits, which resulted in incidents like bomb blast in schools, mosques and hospitals.”

The younger generation of the country considers terrorism a political flashpoint. “If the political system in Pakistan had worked efficiently, we would have definitely tackled terrorism more effectively,” she added.