The announcement is in line with Tesla’s ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’, an article released last month, which talks about Tesla’s future products. However, Model Y was not confirmed then.

As per the plan, Tesla is not only restricting itself to passenger cars, but venturing into the commercial vehicle segment by introducing an electric cargo van, a pick-up truck as well as a minibus.  Musk revealed that these vehicles are in the early stage of development, but that they could be launched as early as next year.

After occupying a significant share in the global market for luxury electric cars, Tesla now seems to be aiming to redefine the public transport sector with its future electric products. Musk had also expressed as a part of his company’s ‘Master Plan’ that with improvements that can be seen in autonomous technology, Tesla will eventually empower all its vehicles with self-driving aid. So, how does the idea of an electric-powered self-driving minibus ferrying your children to school sound? The answer: Too-futuristic!

Image Courtesy: Rm cardesign

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