New Delhi: The Delhi government will now find it difficult to further dodge the issue of inconvenience of the TETRA facility purchased at a whopping Rs 100 crore amount after the Delhi Police themselves agreeing to the fact that due to technological difference there is a connection problem between the police and TETRA handsets that were used during the CWG.

This admission by the Delhi police came in the wake of the news published by Dainik Jagran on Thursday and the same carried by Jagranpost titled CWG scam: Delhi government obtained TETRA services for 7 years at ‘Rs 100 crore’.

Deepak Mishra, Special Commissioner of Police (Operations) said, “Delhi Police have constantly been contacting the supplier company for fixing and finding the cause of the problem even after one year of the CWG. We have cleared that the TETRA facility is not proving beneficial for the Delhi Police.”

On the behest of the Delhi government, the TETRA sets with an investment of Rs 100 crore were bought for emergency communications service during the CWG held last year. 

Delhi Police in a statement has said their wireless system works at a frequency of 800 MHz but the TETRA works at a frequency of 400 MHz, hence there is no possibility of connection between the two. In any case of emergency when the police is without a wireless, it fails to work with the TETRA sets. Delhi Police has nearly 10,000 wireless sets and three thousand TETRA sets.

According to sources, SHOs in Delhi Police who keep a TETRA set to contact colleagues also keep a wireless with them to use in case of emergency.

Mishra in the statement has indicated that the TETRA is technical perplexity for them. The statement says that the technology is being assessed and the shortcomings have been reported to Motorola supplier HCL.

(JPN/ Bureau)