"President (Barack) Obama has proposed reducing the regular Army to 450,000. I think that is far below what is needed to keep this country safe. I intend to increase it to a minimum of 525,000 soldiers," Cruz said yesterday.

Noting that the Air Force has been reduced to about 4,000 planes, he said the US needs to increase it to a minimum of 6,000 planes so that America can project power, and use its air power superiority. On the Navy, the current fleet of 272 ships is the lowest since 1917.

The Texas Senator, who is currently running behind front runner Donald Trump in polls except for the latest one which was released yesterday, also called for a change in America's foreign policy.

"We also need to focus our foreign policy and military policy on identifying and defeating the real enemies. I have got strong disagreements with the mistakes of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy the last seven years. One perfect example is Libya," Cruz said.

He said that President Obama and Hillary Clinton led the world in toppling the government in Libya and sadly they were supported by more than a few establishment Republicans, including several who are running for President. That has proven to be a catastrophic mistake.

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