Mumbai: Denying talks about his retirement Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray has said he was hurt when nephew Raj Thackeray left him to form a new party.
Asked who will take his place and mantle (of leading Sena), the 83-old Sena supremo told a news channel that he failed to understand why such questions are being asked.
"Why should you think that way? I can't understand. Thank God, you are not asking me that question, straight (away), what if I die? Then what will I do? When I die, what can I do?
I can't do anything."

"That is the pressure. Asking such nasty questions, waiting for my death," Thackeray told the interviewer.
Asked if son Uddhav, now party executive president, would take his place, Thackeray said "no question of taking my place or this place or this. Do you know when you will retire?
Such funny questions (are) not to be asked."

"I, being a cartoonist, never felt I would be the chief of an organisation. I founded Sena in 1966 because I did not like injustice done to my people," he said.
Thackeray conceded Raj Thackeray leaving Sena in 2005 had hurt him. "He was a child. I used to take him into my arms," he said.

Asked about comparisons between Raj and Uddhav, Thackeray said "Raj tries to imitate me but Uddhav has his own style." "Now, leadership has gone to Raj's head," he added.