Mumbai: Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray on Friday warned Anna Hazare not to indulge in 'enmity', after the Gandhian, responding to the Sena chief's remarks on Thursday, alluded to Thackeray's old age.
"You are younger to me. This childishness does not behoove you," Thackeray said, after the anti-corruption crusader riled him over his remarks at the Sena's annual
Dussehra rally here on Thursday.
During his speech, Thackeray (85) had termed Hazare's anti-corruption movement a ‘joke.' "Anna, corruption will not end in this country. Big fish are involved in this. Your net will get torn, but these fish will not be caught," he said.
Responding to the Sena chief's remarks, Hazare (74) had alluded to Thackeray's age.
In a statement issued here on Friday, Thackeray said, "we can give a befitting reply to what Anna has said, because we are not Gandhian. Because you mentioned my rising age, let me tell you that you are younger to me and this childishness does not behoove you."
"Don't unnecessarily have enmity with us," Thackeray warned Hazare.