Known for its stanch and unwavering opposition to Pakistani cricketers and artists plying their trade in the country, Thackeray on Sunday said that a country like Pakistan cannot be trusted. 

Thackeray claimed with Modi at the helm of affairs in India, peace would be restored in Kashmir. He justified his party attending Modi’s swearing-in ceremony despite the presence of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, saying that the Shiv Sena did not want to create any stumbling block for the new government.

“So far only India has taken initiative of forgetting the past and starting afresh. Hence, it is difficult to trust Pakistan. But we trust Modi's leadership and hence we do not want to create hurdles for him,” Thackeray said in a statement issued in Mumbai.

“If Pakistan does not mend its ways, Modi will have to press the nuclear button,” he added.
Reacting to Congress' allegation that it was silent over the invitation to Pakistan premier Sharif for Modi's swearing-in ceremony, Uddhav said, "It is as if only Shiv Sena is concerned about Pakistan's involvement in terrorism activities in India and others have nothing to do with it."
He said a strong government led by a decisive leader has been brought to power to ensure that issues of national security, terrorism and infiltration from neighbouring countries are settled once for all.
"What is important is sentiments of the martyrs in India. Kargil happened during Sharif's tenure. The cries of their mothers, wives and sisters are bursting our eardrums. The manner in which Sarabjit was killed is not how a good neighbour behaves. Terrorism in Kashmir valley has not ended. Still now with Modi at the helm, it is expected that good days will come in respect of Pakistan and there will be peace in Kashmir and the entire country," Uddhav said.
"Is Sharif coming to India to assure Modi of this?" he asked.


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