Bangkok: Thai Army Commander-in-Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha has confirmed that he will not stage a coup after the country's new general election on coming Sunday.
General Prayuth insisted upon his arrival in Bangkok on Thursday, from his visit to South Korea earlier this week, that he never wants to lead the Royal Thai Army to interfere with politics, dismissing rumours that there could be a coup if the Pheu Thai Party, aligned with convicted former Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra, won the July 3 national poll and took office as the next Thai government.
General Prayuth affirmed that the Thai military remains neutral and adhere to its duty to protect the nation, religions and the most revered Thai monarchy, as well as the Thai people and national sovereignty.
The Thai Army Chief acknowledged that any political party taking office as the new Thai government, after winning the July 3 general election, can order the military through its line of command, saying he hopes that elected Thai politicians will administer the nation well and not drag the military into politics.