The man was found face down on the floor of a room holding a black 4S mobile that was plugged into the wall through a charger. The charging instrument is suspected to be a third-party device.

Media reports speculate that the man was likely talking on the phone while charging it and the charger could have overheated.

Cause of death is considered to be electrocution by a sub-standard charging device. Police are waiting for autopsy reports in order to move forward with proceedings. Loud voices were also heard from the room but were ignored by the people nearby as they didn’t consider it an emergency situation.

A Chinese stewardess was also executed in 2013 by a third-party charger which led Apple to offer a two-month USD 10 replacement program for non-standard chargers. Almost all major smartphone giants have recently faced such incidents. Earlier, a house was reportedly burned down in Hong Kong by an explosion from Samsung Galaxy S4.