Indian tourists form a considerable chunk of Thailand's tourism industry.

Although India was the strongest market during the political crisis, the Tourism Authority of Thailand offices in New Delhi and Mumbai will continue attracting arrivals by inviting luxury operators in Thailand to join an upscale trade fair from October 10 to 17 in four major cities - New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad to seek high-end visitors.

Tourists from South Asia spend about 6,000 Thai Baht (Rs 12,000) per head per day while travelling to Thailand.

They are claimed to be one of the biggest spenders in Asia.

"For these regions, seven offices of TAT will develop marketing strategies, in-market activities, family trips, roadshows, or whatever they can do to lure them back to Thailand," said Pichai Raktasinha, Director for the ASEAN, South Asia and South Pacific market.

The 10 million visitors coming from these three regional markets represent 40 percent of all arrivals.

The top markets are Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and India.        

However, now that a new government has been formed, most markets are rebounding, although some remain hesitant, he said.

TAT is aiming for 8.1 million visitors from Southeast Asia next year, which is up by 12 percent from this year's target, while visitors from South Asia are expected to rise by 9 percent to 1.3 million and revenue by 12 per cent.

Thailand's Army Chief Gen Prayuth, seized power in a military coup and became the country's Prime Minister, the first serving army officer to assume the top office in 22 years.

Gen Prayuth was named as the Prime Minister after the National Legislative Assembly voted 191-0 in his favour in an uncontested race.

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