Bangkok: The death toll from months of flooding in Thailand has risen above 800, although the waters have receded in many parts of the country, the government said on Saturday.

Late reporting of deaths from the inundations in central and northern provinces, along with heavy November monsoon rains in the south of the kingdom have seen fatality numbers continue to rise, the interior ministry said.

A total of 823 flood-related deaths have now been recorded, including 10 in the south, since the crisis began in July. Three people are still missing.

At their height Thailand's worst floods in half a century affected 65 of 77 provinces in the low-lying nation, deluged hundreds of thousands of homes and forced the closure of large industrial parks, disrupting global supply chains.

The waters have since receded significantly, but more than two million people in five provinces continue to be affected and many areas still face a major clean-up operation.