Facebook, with over 1.4 billion users globally, said 80 million users identified themselves as 'moms' on the social networking site.
"Thailand is the country with the highest child-to-mom engagement, followed by Egypt, the UK, Australia, and Mexico," Facebook said in a post.
The US came in at number six, followed by France, Vietnam, Brazil and Italy. After the US, India has the highest number of Facebook users at over 112 million, but did not feature in the top 10 on child-mother interactions.

"When it comes to what we say to our moms on Facebook, we are full of love, laughter and gratitude. The most common word in posts from children to their mothers is 'love', followed by 'lol', 'mom', 'happy birthday', 'amo' and 'thanks'.
In the US, West Virginia registered the highest child-to- mom engagement, followed by Maine, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

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