People don different costumes when their wishes ('manashika') are fulfilled. "I have dressed up as Krishna because my mother prayed to Budhi Thakurani for my welfare, I am hale and hearty," said Raju, 21, a computer engineering student.

"We vowed to dress my son as Radha after he recovers from a disease. Now, we are fulfilling it," said Ranjita Mishra, who is from Rourkela.

Some people also dress up for fun. They don the garb of doctors, witch, police, beggar, politicians or some folk characters and even animals. In some localities, people form groups, dress up as different characters and go to the temporary abode of the goddess to pay obeisance.

They are a sight to behold - Hanuman riding a bicycle, Krishna having cold drink or a tiger talking to people. "We will dress up as Buddhist monks," said an organiser at Bijipur.

Campaigners pointed out that mischief-mongers dress up as different characters and trouble people. "Adequate police have been deployed to maintain law and order," said SP (Berhampur) Sarthak Sarangi.

Besides a temporary outpost at Desibehera Street, four more police-aid-centres were set up at different locations to help visitors. Four CCTVs have also installed in the locality to monitor the situation, police said.

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