1. Whoever said 'good things come in small packages', must have surely meant for a short heightened girl. No matter how old you grow, you will always be the cutest thing around.

2. So what if you cannot reach that jar on the top most shelf, nobody will even ask you to do that.

3. Being a VIP has become a routine for you as you always get a chance to stand in the front row, be it at a street show, or among your group of friends.

4. The only time you would look down is maybe while tying your shoelace. For the rest of the time, your head is always high. And so are your eyes and nose.

5. You can always make your girlfriends jealous by wearing the cutest clothes available in the market. Be it your high-school pants or the largest size in the kids section, you can always fit in well.

So, next time, when someone makes fun of you for being short, do not forget to thank them. All that they are just saying is that the worst thing about you is that there isn't enough of you.