Dehradun: The Supreme Court has directed the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) Limited to disburse Rs 102.99 crore  to Uttarakhand government within two weeks before seeking permission to raise the water level of Tehri lake to RL 825 metre. The Apex court has also put up several other conditions before THDC.

Adamant to raise the water level to 835 metre, THDC will now have to satisfy itself with only 825 metre. In a verdict given by the SC on November 3, it has been clearly mentioned that the company has to submit Rs 102.99 crore to bring the water level of the lake to 825 metre, 10 metre lower than the demand made by the THDC.

Before giving orders on the issue, the SC told the state government and Tehri district magistrate to put forth their opinion regarding it. In a meeting on October 19, 2011, Tehri DM and THDC officials formed consensus to increase the capacity of the lake to 825 metre.

However, the state government in a meeting chaired by Secretary, Union Ministry of Power asked THDC to pay Rs 102.99 crore as compensation to state government and take the responsibility for any kind of mishap.

Earlier this year during monsoon, THDC without taking permission from the government released water from the dam. It increased the level of the lake to 832 metre. Owing to the heavy inflow of water 50,000 lives were affected in the low laying regions.