Washington: An Islamic superhero, 'The 99' is becoming popular worldwide. The comic series contains 99 superheroes whose powers are based on the Quran's 99 Virtues of Allah, some of them being strength, courage and wisdom.

It was the wake of 9/11, when, Islamic religion and culture had become a global talking point, and Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa decided to create Islamic superheroes to represent his culture.

Talking to news channel he said that every time something terrible happened in the name of his culture, he wanted to change the perception of the people. So the CEO of Teshkeel Media Group created 'The 99'-a comic book series inspired by principles within his faith.

The series was launched in 2006 and its success spread quickly over the world. It has also been adopted into an animated series which is shown in 70 countries.

In 2010, the Justice League with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, teamed up with 'The 99' and DC Comics agreed to a six-issue crossover.


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