The cricket is the only game which creates magic especially in the Indian sub-continent. It is the only sport which has the power to change the whole atmosphere of any nation, and the semi-final match of the World Cup between India and Pakistan is a live example of it. Already earned the soubriquet of the biggest match of the World Cup, the match fever has gripped both the nations with same intensity. The match at Mohali has become more attractive because of earning the distinction of becoming a congregation of cricket as well as diplomacy. It is interesting to watch that through cricket efforts are being made to strengthen the diplomatic ties, but the presence of the Prime Ministers of both the nations in Mohali may put an extra pressure on the players. This may not happen but the reality is that in the wake of the presence of top leadership at Mohali, the extensive security arrangements have certainly affected the organizers as well as the cricket lovers. For future, let us find a way that when cricket and diplomacy mingles together, the organizers and the local administration should not pass through sleepless nights. It is better that the diplomatic affairs keep a distance from the cricket field. But the dominance of cricket over diplomacy is a very good sign. If the whole nation is resounded with the discussion of Mohali match, it is because of the clash between India and Pakistan teams and not because of the meeting between Manmohan Singh and Yousuf Raza Gilani. Besides, this is also a good sign that despite crossing all the limits of advertisement, the Mohali match is deemed to be only a clash between two teams.

Generally, the matches between Indian and Pakistan are treated as a prestige issue, but the beauty of the sport can only be retained if it is played like a game. The way it is expected from the players of both the nations that they should exhibit their brilliance with the spirit of the game, similarly the cricket lovers should also reciprocate by exhibiting the spirit of solidarity. This would certainly embellish the beauty of the sport and hence play a vital role in winning the hearts of people in a better way. There is no doubt that the citizens of both the nations will wish for the victory of their own team, but the winner is that who performs better. Nowadays, the better performance depends on the mental strength of the players. Still, the expectations from Team India have increased because it has not won any World Cup since ages, and it is perhaps the last World Cup of the greatest cricketing icon, Sachin Tendulkar. This can be the most inspiring factor for the team under Dhoni’s captaincy; the team should win the Cup not only for the nation but also for the ‘God of Cricket’. Since both the teams are considered to be at par, the match is expected to be very exciting. Such matches obviously create great zeal and excitement among people. And the religion of sports also propagates the same, therefore the responsibility lies on us that all the enthusiasm and passion is not converted into fanaticism. This is expected more when all the citizens would look at Mohali, and one part of the world would eye the nation.