There are many ways to celebrate the moments of life, and one is by indulging in a cocktail party. Get involved in the whimsical waves, and pour some fluids of joy in your nerves to get the feel of what the world of wonders and fantasy looks like.

Meanwhile, before you break the adrenaline rush and run straight to the bar or lounge to celebrate your birthday, wedding anniversary or anything that gives you a boost with a cocktail, make sure to mix your cocktail with intelligence, and then with emotions.

1. Red Bull + Vodka (Single Serving: 250 Calories):

Red Bull containing cocktails are highly popular among party-freaks and are served at social circles and clubs with alacrity. This is because they make you drunken in no time at all. Nevertheless, the ugly side of this blue packaged energy drink is that it contains a high amount of caffeine which acts as a stimulant; a major cause of health conditions such as palpitations and insomnia. Even worse, when mixed with Vodka, it may cause serious conditions that may affect your health terribly.

2. Mulled Wine (Single Serving: 350 calories – 400 calories):

The term ‘Wine’ engulfs the mood as it thrusts human imagination to a romantic ride. And, it’s true! However, it can turn to a devil when served as a cocktail in the form of Mulled Wine. This smoking hot wine has high sugar content and induces the rise in body weight and exerts unnecessary pressure on vital organs. It is really high in calories as compared to a normal glass of red wine which leads to the deposit of calories in the abdominal area, causing the waist size to rise. You don’t want this, seriously!

3. Long Island Iced Tea (Single serving: 400 calories – 450 calories):

The name, Long Island Iced Tea, might sound cool, but it comes with a catch. The most irritating thing attached with this cocktail is that it will haunt you like anything on the subsequent day. Yup, the hangover is unbearable! Further, the cocktail is a mix of all kinds of party elements such as rum, gin, vodka, sugar, tequila, triple sec and sweet along with sour mix and Coca-Cola. It makes this cocktail a power-house of calories, influencing weight gain and tooth decay. Yuck!

4. Frozen Margarita (Single serving: 600 calories – 700 calories):

The Frozen Margarita cocktail is perhaps the worst cocktail ever! In a single serve, it contains a whopping 700 calories which are enough to make you look and feel the FAT. Avoid this cocktail to stay fit and healthy.

5. Pina Colada (Single serving: 650 calories – 700 calories and fat):

This naughty Mexican Cocktail is full of calories and no nutrients at all. Despite that, it is wieldy consumed and is a popular cocktail at pool parties. If you don’t want to get fat and want to enjoy more parties that life will give, stay away from this one.

Blend it right and party harder; Cheers!

Krishnendu/ JPN

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