Once in a blue moon: The most common way of saying 'not so often' is actually not so often. To know how often it is, google 'Once in a blue moon' and you will know the answer.

Google in 1998: Ever wondered how Google would have been in 1998? Stop wondering, just google it. Google has answers to all your questions, even when it is related to Google itself.

Teapot Easter Egg: Seems like the IT people at Google are no less creative. You don't believe us? Type 'google.com/teapot' in your search bar and it will land you to a completely different page. Bet on that, the results will take you by surprise.

Webdriver Torso: Another creative search Webdriver Torso turns the google logo into moving blocks. Type 'Webdriver Torso' in the search bar and have fun.

Doge Meme: Not just the search engine, even the Youtube has its ways to take us by surprise. Type 'Doge Meme' and see Youtube changing its colours.