'La Isla de las Munecas' is man-made island and home to hundreds of decaying dolls. It is situated in a southern borough of Mexico city. The spooky island where hundreds of dilapidated dolls hang from the trees like a cobweb is popularly known as the island of dolls.

According to the legend, the island belonged to Don Julian Santana Barrera who once found a young girl drowned in mysterious circumstances. He found a doll near the girl's dead body and thus hung the doll to pay homage to the dead girl.

Julian felt the girl around and thus claiming the island to be haunted, he started hanging more and more dolls around. He collected more than 1500 dolls over a span of 50 years.

While some do not have limbs, and some decapitated, these little horrors have been hanging around in the island since then. Julian, who died in 2001, had said that the spirit of the girl is still around on the island and he had also felt the limbs and eyes of the dolls moving.

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