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The Legend of Amrapali

Author: Anurag Anand

Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Price- 200/-

Aryavart (around 500 B.C.) was a land of many prosperous kingdoms and among the most prominent of them was the vajji confederacy one of the first democratic republics known to mankind. Vaishali, the capital of the confederacy and that of the illustrious Lichchavis was not only a center of commerce and political activity but also the blessed motherland of Amrapali. The Legend of Amrapali is the story of mayhem and turmoil brought about by the obstinate desires of one man blinded by the intoxication of Power. It is a story of sinister plots and political wizardry, of chaste love and unbridled passion, of naked ambitions and dogged loyalties that lead to the transformation of an innocent young girl into one of the most revered, even worshipped, and occasionally feared personalities of her times.

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