Savdhaan India, one of the most popular television serials broadcast on Life’s Ok has been working rigorously to make people aware about their security.

In today’s modern era, when people are more inclined towards nuclear family or prefer to stay alone, the chances of such misfortunes escalate. It’s true that a person who commits a crime never displays his intentions in public, so staying alert and vigilant is not only beneficial for us but for our family as well.

The new anthem of ‘Savdhaan India’ is being liked by most of the audience since the latest anthem states ‘Savdhaani samajhdari ki sabse baari pehchan hai’ (Awareness is the sign of intelligence). The new anthem is being constituted with strong words and new picture of crime which seem to be relevant to the current scenario. The serial presents many ideas and suggestions which can help us to avoid adverse situations. The dramatic representation of serious crimes like spy cam in trial rooms, child abduction, eve-teasing etc. are helping the audience to understand the danger and be prepared to face them.

With the video ‘Savdhaan India’, the programme tries to spread mass awareness. You can watch this video on Facebook and Life’s Ok Facebook page.
Pragmatically, trusting someone blindly is being considered as an act of foolishness. It is true that with awareness we can stop any unforeseen mishap. This television programme has helped the women to understand the importance of carrying a pepper spray in their bags, avoid foods and drinks offered by any unknown person and so on.

One should understand that it is not possible to depute one cop for every individual; therefore one should take care of their own security.


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