The US explanation in the wake of NATO attack on Pakistan troops that the action was taken following the nod of that Pak official who himself was not aware about the presence of his forces there, cannot be relied upon. For the US, it would be better that it should come out with concrete facts at the earliest as in Pakistan the tide of anti-American feeling is on a rise and the world community is also not able to understand what was the aim and objective of the attack on Pakistan troops? America cannot ignore the fact that emerging dissent against it in Pakistan is fast turning into fanaticism and the hardline forces are capitalizing on it. Since the radical elements are also in Pak Army and its secret agency, they might further add to the American anxiety. The US cannot expect cooperation from a nation where it is continuously facing opposition. In such a scenario, even Pakistan government would not be able to support America. Pakistan is already not in a situation to resist Pak Army and secret agencies. Following the attack on its troops, the sharp reactions of Pak Army, government and different organizations relate that the ties between the two nations are just on the brink. The consequence of anti-American feelings is that Pakistan is adamant to boycott the German summit on Afghanistan, and its Army Chief is busy in issuing threat to America that it would get a befitting reply in case another such assault.

The annoyance of Pakistan is right, but it cannot be ignored that one faction in the ruling dispensation is striving to put a pressure on America in the wake of NATO action. The way Pakistan is denying cooperation in the probe against NATO action creates apprehension on its intentions. It may be mentioned that Pakistan is not probing that matter on its own which somewhere indicates that it is more interested in tightening noose around the US and less in knowing the truth behind the attack. Following the NATO act, the manner in which Pakistan reviewed its relation with America and gave ultimatum to vacate the Shamsi Airbase, expresses that it wants to blackmail the disconcerted US. This is the airbase from where drone attacks were launched. If this is the fact then it makes very obvious that Pakistan had willingly allowed America to launch drone attacks. Whatever is the fact, America must placate Pakistan but in this effort it should also save itself from being blackmailed. Atleast, the US should now realize that Pakistan Army and its secret agency are neither honest in combating the terrorists nor in the matter of utilizing the aid. If the relations between the two nations are damaged, it would not only create problem for Afghanistan but also for the world peace.