Once during an interview, Mujica said, “This world is crazy, crazy. People are amazed by normal things and that obsession worries me. All I do is live like the majority of my people, not the minority. I’m living a normal life and Italian, Spanish leaders should also live as their people do. They shouldn’t be aspiring to or copying a rich minority.”

Here have a look of the humble lifestyle of the poorest President of World:

1. He donated 90 percent of his salary to charity: His income was roughly equal to the average wage in Uruguay – USD775 a month. But the President donated 90 percent of his salary for the charitable purpose.

“I earn more than I need, even if it’s not enough for others. For me, it is no sacrifice, it’s a duty,” he said once.

2. He lived on a farm: With just his three-legged dog Manuela and two police officers for security, Mujica lives on a small farm on the outskirts of the capital Montevideo.

3. The 1987 blue VW Beetle he drives

While most Presidents travel around in chauffeur-driven saloon cars, the former Uruguayan president drove his own beat-up Beetle. Once he was even offered USD 1m for the car by an Arab Sheikh, but the President found 'no importance' of it.

4. Legalising marijuana

Mujica legalised marijuana in Uruguay. “150,000 people smoke [marijuana] here and I couldn't leave them at the mercy of drugs traffickers," the President said, and added "It is easier to control something if it is legal and that's why we've done this."

5. The President  married Lucia Topolansky, his long-term partner and former co-revolutionary, in 2005. Lucia is an active member of Congress and also served as an acting President of the country.

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